In many modern Asian cultures, the struggle for constant perfection is unending and unyielding. Weakness is barely tolerated and children are driven to achieve at the expense of nearly all else. The Western world was shown this with last year’s controversy surrounding “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua and her impossibly high education standards combined with an insanely low tolerance for children.

Fast forward one year and now we have “Eagle Dad”.

According to his father, the boy was born with health problems and he wants to toughen his son to achieve. While visiting New York City during the Chinese New Year, he and his wife forced their son to run in the freezing weather in the outfit you see above. They repeatedly tell him to lie down in the snow as he cries and begs to be picked up.

The video can be difficult to watch as you witness a helpless child suffering.

I understand the father’s drive, but find great fault in his method. Most families in China are limited to one child and they are very concerned with the child’s development and success. Unfortunately he seems to have ignored the idea that balance should be achieved between climbing a mountain and jumping off its cliffs.

Where do you think he went wrong? Do you think he and his wife are doing the right thing to prepare their son for a challenging world? Share your thoughts below.

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