Allison Huke

Allison is the former president and co-founder of an online green retail company and current full-time mom to two adorable kids and (on some days) two even more adorable “pound puppies.” She and her family (including handsome hubby) feel very fortunate to live in a beautiful suburb of O.C. where kids take over the streets in the afternoon and neighbors still hang out outside and actually talk to each other.

Although she left the green-business world to pursue a more peaceful lifestyle for her family, Allison is still dedicated to spreading the word about how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Her practical approach to green living is one that understands busy moms don’t always have time to serve up completely homemade organic meals with locally grown produce or be prepared for every soccer practice with a reusable water bottle and sliced organic oranges.

Allison tries to live green every day but is far from perfect – downfalls include an ongoing struggle to choose water over Diet Coke and an obsession with Costco. She makes up for these transgressions by composting in her backyard and picking up other people’s trash. If you run into her, you do not need to apologize for drinking water from a plastic bottle. It’s OK; she doesn’t expect you to be perfect either (but she does hope you will listen to her case for exchanging that disposable bottle for a reusable one).

You can find her on twitter @ocgreenmama.

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