Jenelyn Russo

Jenelyn is an Orange County native who is a life-long Angels fan. She lives in OC with her husband John, and their two daughters. You can find her baseball musings as Rally Monkey Mom at and where she writes about her devotion to the best team in MLB and all other things Angels.

She loves dark chocolate and Dr. Pepper and has been known to consume them both in the same sitting. Her favorite boy bands are the Beatles and the Eagles and she has a slight obsession with ABBA songs. When she’s not cheering for the Angels, she’s following the Anaheim Ducks and wondering why more people aren’t watching the awesome sport that is hockey.

Her favorite spot to sit at the Big A is the upper deck behind home plate. You can probably find her there eating a salted pretzel and one of those chocolate malts with a wooden spoon. She thinks it’s no small coincidence that the Angels won their first World Championship the same year they introduced their current uniform style. And she’s wondering, just like all Angels fans, what this 50th Anniversary season has in store for the Halos.

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