Robert “Rob” Rice is a full time single father of 4 kids and a professional leader in his career field.  A New York City native, Rob has lived and travelled throughout the country and world before random fate brought him to the wonderful Inland Empire.  Southern California is an amazing playground for the active, and Rob and his family love to explore many of the activities only available here.

As a true believer that life always has a funny way of working things out, Rob spends his time being amused at everyday surprises while trying to balance career, family and an insatiable intellectual curiosity.  There is always something fascinating to learn and explore, and Rob tries is hardest to ensure that his kids live that mantra and appreciate all of the joys and challenges ahead.

While exploring Southern California, Rob and his family have taken on the task of trying to identify and review those truly great places to play.   Follow them on their journey at Best Southern California Parks.

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